Meldrum Church doorWelcome to the web site of Meldrum & Bourtie Church of Scotland

We are an open and friendly congregation worshipping God in two buildings. Every Sunday at 11am in Meldrum Church and on the first and third Sundays of the month at Bourtie Church at 9.45am.

On this site you can find our latest news, check for special services, see photographs of past events and find out about baptisms, weddings and funerals in Meldrum and Bourtie. We hope that having visited our web site, you will also visit us at Sunday worship and find a welcome amongst us.

We have a variety of different forms of worship. Sunday morning in church is a traditional service of hymns, readings, prayers and a sermon. The second Sunday of the month is usually “family worship” with less formality and more noise. On the last Sunday of the month we have the “Alternative Service” at 10am in the Church Hall. The praise band, “Reach Out”, provide the music and this is a shorter and more relaxed service for all ages. Breakfast is provided at every second Alternative Service. On the first and third Sundays of the month we have “Power Praise” at 6.30pm in the church. We sing modern worship songs and discuss aspects of faith, ethics, theology and anything else that interests us, finishing with tea and coffee.

Beyond Belief, exploring the Bible:

Meldrum & Bourtie Parish Church invite you to Come join us in worship on a Sunday evening; our new monthly evening Bible Study service starts on the 25 September 2016 at 6:30pm in Meldrum Church, Kirk Brae, Oldmeldrum.

This is a course in reading the Bible. It will introduce you to the major types of Biblical literature and give you some of the tools to explore them further for yourselves. You will need the willingness to go further than basic Bible Study and you will need an open mind to make the most of your reading. The Bible is far more than a rule book for the Christian and Jewish life, it is the history of faith and of peoples’ relationship with God but it is also a book, one waiting to be read and taken seriously. There are things in the Bible which are difficult to read and difficult to understand. The aim of this course is to open up all these difficult places and help you to explore them for yourselves without fear of criticism. If all of this sounds as if it will be as dry as dust, take my word for it, the Bible is alive with joy and meaning. Take this opportunity to become better acquainted with it.
Rev. Alison Jaffrey

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